Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A sort of meditation
Some things are too deep and dark to be put into tests. There is no mathematical formula for evaluating trust, for example. But I am talking to myself. Everyone knows what I am saying. But they forget it. And the wise repeat it. And I hope I am one of the wise. But I'll never know, because wisdom can't be measured by degrees or tablespoons. What exactly makes a person wise? Perhaps, understanding of all that is forgotten, what must be repeated, and then repeating it.
Yet, I think it also has to do with truth . The wise person is the one who searches for the truth, because he understands its value. The wise person searches, and does not give up until he finds it. He prepares against what might discourage him, and he perseveres. The wise person is the one who sharpens his perception of good by remaining chaste and pure in heart. He deepens his intellect by studying the truth of other wise men. Thus, when he meats the Truth of God, he recognizes it, loves it, and spreads it.
This, I think, is wisdom.

I went to New York City last summer, and I walked to the shrine of the North American Martyrs. Had a blast, but during both trips, I missed my piano.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nothing to say

I have nothing to say.
I want to wrote something, something
beautiful and lovely, like
folds of green gossamer
that ripple like water,
but I have nothing to say.

day drifting and another
hour to go, and homework
and all that sort of rot.
But it's not much of anything
when you have nothing to say.

When all that you feel
is sound and dance
but all that you have is words
and repetition and a nice
reputation and you
are caught up in now,
a now not worth having

and you have nothing to say
to the lilting green day
as it whispers and passes
you by. You are mute
and alone in a land all a dream
of what could be- unworded
and you have nothing to say.

The joys of college

1. Annoying professors
2. Annoying classmates
3. Annoying textbook prices
4. Annoying pressures to be getting a job
5. Annoying rooms whose numbers are not in numerical order
6. Annoying opportunities for financial aid that don't exist
7. Annoying worry of where to transfer to
8. Annoying kid behind you with cough
9. Annoying adults who congratulate you on your wise choices in life and don't realize how annoying it all is
10. Annoying campus that has no where beautiful or slightly less blah-looking
So don't go to college unless you're sure you want to be annoyed for the next 4 plus years of your life.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What is Wisdom?

Clear, calm, accurate vision, and comprehension of the whole course, the whole work of God.
~Cardinal Newman

Education? Pshaw! just my JOB and $$$$

Tons of people are heading off to liberal arts colleges with the single goal of attaining the greatest good this world has to offer: A JOB. They are abusing and disregarding the college's purpose. A liberal arts college is not just about getting a job; it is about learning from vast fields of knowledge which have proved useful and applicable to the desired degree. In other words, liberal arts colleges are about knowing much in many different subjects and specializing in the field of your choice. This field of choice, or degree, can thenn be put towards many things, including a job. But what people want is only a job, nothing more, above or beyond that. And so one hears such things as, "I don't like high school; but, yeah, I'm going on to college." "I don't need this; I'm going to be a ---." If people want preparation for a job, let them go where they will get it and not ruin and disrupt the studying of those who want a liberal arts education. Let them get internships, apprenticeships, and go to vocational and trade schools. Then the liberal arts colleges will be able to better provide for those who do desire and want what they have to offer. Those who want a liberal arts education will actually be the majority and dominant student force in the liberal arts college.

Monday, September 14, 2009


What do you get when you cross a river and a stream?

highlight below to see the answer:

Wet feet

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Never has it been more urgent to reinvigorate the moral vision and resolve essential to maintaining a just and free society...Young people are surely your nation’s greatest treasure... That is why they urgently need an all-around education which will enable them to reject cynicism and selfishness and grow into their full stature as informed, wise, and morally responsible members of the community.
~Pope John Paul II