Curious Words

Audianima noun One who can hear what is going on inside of themselves, especially in their subconscious.
From Latin Audire- To hear and Anima- Soul

Gratefuissima adj. Most thankful; utter gladness for another's goodness.
From English Grateful- Thankful and Latin -issima- most

Humourority noun An alternative to 'Humorousness'

Imbeaucious adj. Colorful
From Latin Imbuo- Color; English Imbue- To moisten which is from Latin Imbuere (- To moisten)

Interwandernal noun One who searches t he internal mystery of himself.  One who sees the world from deep within himself.  Introspective.  Also, that the answer to oneself is an impossible riddle and impossible quest.
From English Internal- Inner, Within and Wanderer- One who walks about without much direction

Lentadagize verb, transitive  To slow down, cause to go with less speed.
From Latin Lente- Slowly and Italian Adagio- Slow

Phantastycal adj.  Amazing; astounding; wondrous
From English Phenomenon- Wonder; Fantastic- Beyond normal; Fantasy- Make-believe

Specificism noun  That which is specific, particular, detailed
Noun from English Adjective Specific- Particular

Veriresitas verb, intransitive  To ring with truth.  When something, especially a selection of writing, resounds thunderously in the mind of the reader as true.
From Latin Veritas- Truth and Resinare- To ring, resound