Monday, August 23, 2010

A good bye post

For many years she has been my sister. But she still is, but she is going of to college. I will be missing her. It is kinda cool that I get her room; I won't be sleeping in the living room any more. But on the other hand I won't have some one to pick on (only for fun). Elisabeth is awesome because of her points on everything. She looks on all sides of thing and is a big help. Life for me will be a bit more boring without her because of the positive attitude (usually). The logic I must say is a little annoying, but it is cool that she is so smart. When summer break comes around again, life will feel a bit more whole, I guess. That's the best way I can put it.


Playlists galore!

OK. So I'm leaving in two days. And I have been working on compiling two more playlists. The first is the one I promised about a bazillion years ago of all the music I was dancing and writing to that I could find on The other is this insane conglomeration of insanity. Please don't define me by what you hear on it. Just enjoy it, laugh at me, and fast forward the songs you don't like. Neither of these two new playlists are on autostart, but the original cogito et scribo list is. So if you want to change, scroll down, turn off cogito et scribo and turn on the list you want.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is driving me insane; I am really really busy, and as much as I love it, it's driving me nuts. But it's still kind of adventurous, I guess. I can't figure out what my emotions are, or should be, except for sadness at leaving my friends- the two dearest most wondrous people in the universe.

And my thoughts are so overwhelmed trying to comprehend what it means to be going out of state for college that sometimes I find my brain freezing up with simple questions like 'how many wash cloths did I just put in my suitcase ten seconds ago?'

It's all so crazy. I feel like maybe I should be ecstatic about this. But I'm not really...

Honestly, I can only take so much. Packing just wears me out because of all it means. I don't know. Just pray for me.

But underneath all that, I am truly very happy. I love finding the truth, and I know this is what is good for me, what God wants for me. I've prayed about this a lot. Please keep me in your prayers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wisdom Chaper 3

Here are my thoughts on the 3rd chapter of Wisdom, which can be found here.

Picking up where the last chapter left off with speaking of the good man's martyrdom, this chapter begins by showing that death is not a miserable thing for good people. While chapter 2 begins with evil people's despair at death, chapter 3 begins with how the good need not fear death at all; in fact, for the good, death is good.

Tolkien writes of death in the Silmarillion, chapter 1:
"It is one with this gift of freedom that t he children of Men dwell only a short space int eh world alive, and are not bound to it, and depart soon [...] But the sons of Men die indeed, and leave the world [...]. Death is their fate, the gift of Iluvatar [...] But Melkor (the most evil god) has cast his shadow upon it, and confounded it with darkness, and brought forth evil out of good, and fear out of hope."

Verse 9 is very insightful of human nature and how humans react to God. There is a definite connection between understanding truth and trusting God; the more one trusts what God has revealed and trusts Him rather than questioning everything, the more one can learn and discover the answers to the questions we all naturally have about what God has revealed to us. And loyalty in love definitely leads to rest, not just in love of God but in all relationships. For the more and the longer one loves, the more that love becomes a habit and part of one's essence. Such love is stable and persevering; the loved one can rest in its certainty.

The wicked shall be punished by their own devices. For sin involves a selfish turning inward of one's focus; so the consequences of sin fall like a poorly built structure collapsing in on itself. Those who believe in abortion and contraception will probably be defeated, if by nothing else, than by there eventually being no one left alive to continue their side of the war.

The rest of the chapter states the consequences of rejecting wisdom. Basically, without wisdom, you're life will be pathetic. Wisdom, with discipline, gives happiness. It makes your hope worthwhile, your labors fruitful, and your words profitable. So with wisdom, your thoughts, words and actions have merit.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wisdom Chapter 2

Here are my thoughts on the second chapter of Wisdom, which can be found online here.

Here is summarized the mentality of wicked people. Whether or not the righteous man really is disgusted by them, the wicked people perceive disgust. The wicked seek to avoid the truth. People who do not live in accord with the truth naturally want to avoid it and are even afraid of it because the truth necessitates reform, which means admits one's deeds are sinful and then not sinning. The righteous, as disgusted as they may act toward the wicked, are still a painful contradiction to all the wicked tell themselves is true. So the wicked wish to exterminate the righteous. As if by exterminating the ones who live by the truth they may exterminate the truth. It seems that in many complicated situations if one wants to know the truth, one has only to look to those who have been killed.

The photos are of Blessed Miguel Pro's martyrdom.